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There’s great work only you can do. And differences only you can make. So join us to explore where great work comes from. We'll learn how difference makers think and what they do. But there are many inspiring examples of great work we can’t tell you about. They haven’t happened yet. They’re yours.

What is Great Work?

Great Work makes a difference people love. When you expand the influence of your job, when you go beyond what’s expected, when you create improvements that benefit others, that is Great Work. Your focus is on much more than routine execution and delivery. It is on making positive changes and creating new value that impacts the world around you.

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Stories to inspire

We all love to hear about people who’ve made a difference. Their stories influence our stories, encouraging us to see ourselves as difference makers, to become more inventive at work, and to change things for the better.

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Read the book: Become a difference-maker

We all like to do work that’s innovative and important, work that makes a difference people love. With inspiring stories of real people in real jobs, and insights from groundbreaking research into award-winning work, Great Work offers practical tools that can help anyone, anywhere to do great work more often.

There’s great work only you can do. This book will help you get it done.

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Where the
book came from

The Great Work Study was created to define what great work is and to learn if there are actionable skills we can practice to create it. It contains the world’s largest-ever study of award-winning work. We analyzed great work across hundreds of professions, at every salary level and job description, to see what skills are present when people innovate, ideate, and deliver unexpected value. That led to a few very key insights that can help anyone, anywhere to make a difference people love.

Become a difference-making team

When your team has a shared understanding of what great work is, and they apply the insights and skills from the book and research, amazing things happen. They are more inclined to develop inventive solutions; to improve products and services; to delight customers; and to help your company grow. Find out more about Great Work workshops, speaking, bulk book buys for team members, and how to take The Great Work Challenge.

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Great Work


Great work is the lifeblood of business. Every great product, service, art, scientific discovery, or innovation of any kind begins as someone’s great work. We all love to make a difference and to appreciate the differences others make for us.

Doing great work leads to appreciating great work and appreciating great work leads to more great work in a perpetual cycle that helps people and organizations grow.

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